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Local Storage Computing Pros and Cons:


Computer terminals can make use of either local storage computing or cloud storage.  But on this page, we will be discussing computers that take use of local storage and the pros and cons of this.  A computer that makes use of local storage as opposed to cloud storage is often referred to as a ‘fat’ client.  Both have pros and cons that are discussed here on the computing Sleaford site.

A ‘fat’ client means a machine that stores its data on a local disk, which now come in varying sizes all the way up to 2TB or 3TB.  So some of the advantages of local storage include being able to obtain hard drives of large sizes and they are also easy to find and purchase.  But what are some of the draw backs?  Well local storage is easier to take advantage of in the sense that if someone was to steal your hard drive, all they would have to do is hook it up and they would have access to your data.  One of the ways to combat against this is make sure your general security is up to scratch but you are also able to encrypt important or sensitive files on your hard drive.  There is also the fact that if your system catches a virus, the integrity of your hard drive can easily be compromised.  So always take care when browsing the web and make sure that you have some anti-virus software installed on your system.  The last disadvantage of local storage is also the most obvious.  Hard drives are mechanical devices that contain moving parts and, over time they can fail like any other component which is why you should always back up your data to either another hard drive or the cloud in case this occurs.