IMX Kitchen Appliances Whisby

imx kitchen appliances

Looking for IMX Kitchen Appliances Whisby?

The modern kitchen contains within it an extraordinary array of technology, designed to integrate seamlessly into the cabinets and worktops. As a leading dealer in IMX kitchen appliances Whisby, you can also be confident that the technology is a perfect fusion of design and engineering.

Choose from the latest technology in multi zone induction hobs or gas hobs with easy clean glass tops in a variety of styles and colours. You can choose to add a stylish cooker hood and an amazing steam or combination oven with self-cleaning pyrotechnic linings. We also offer energy efficient fridges, freezers and dish washers which are built into your kitchen giving you a flawless finish.

Modern life made simple

We supply ovens that self-clean by heating the cavity to 480 degrees; burning away all dirt and grime. Steam ovens that cook succulent meat, fish and vegetables with pure steam, or hot air/steam combination ovens. Gas hobs with easy clean glass tops, ceramic hobs or instant heat multi zone induction hobs which say cool to the touch even in use. The possibilities are endless here with the leading IMX kitchen appliances Whisby.

Make your kitchen your home’s centrepiece

You can have almost any appliance you can think of here at IMX kitchen appliances Whisby. Anything from built in coffee makers to wine coolers you can control from your phone. With an integrated wine cooler, it is designed to store wine just as you like it with a dual temperature zone, so you can chill the white but also store the red at room temperature.

And when the entertaining is over, everything can be put away into the dishwasher. When it’s running it will be ultra-quiet and efficient, with a delicate zone at the top for glasses and fragile items and an intensive lower zone for those burnt on pans and dishes. A complete range of fully coordinated appliances are available, which are good on their own and amazing together.

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